Wall Collage Inspirations

Do you have a blank wall in your home or business that you would like to transform?
Below are some ideas to help kick-start your imagination.
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Bird Wall Collagejpg

Want some help to create your collage?
I would be delighted to assist you in designing something to fill your space with visual images that coordinate with your desired subject matter, style and color scheme.

Are you a DIYer? - Create Your Own Collage
You can choose from framed paper prints, metal prints, or canvas prints. Once your design and configuration is ready, select and order prints from the gallery pages.

Want an easy-to-mount option?
You can get a "Collage Wall" kit with your choice of prints. The kits come in many different configurations to fit a wide variety of shapes and sizes of wall space. You can choose either paper prints mounted on hardboard, or metal prints.

Collage Walls are very easy to install. The backs of the prints have tabs which fit securely over included pegs. A paper grid, also included, enables you to accurately mark the exact locations on your wall to insert each peg for hanging the prints.

Prices vary depending on size and number of prints.

(Sizes of individual prints and layout configurations are limited, so contact me before designing your collage.)