Creation is an expression of the heart of the creator, so by observing nature we can catch a glimpse of the heart of the Divine Creator. The exquisite beauty and delicacy of a fragile flower with its intricate design, speak of a tenderhearted God who delights in beauty and order, and is concerned with even the tiniest details of life. In the same way, the awesome power of a thunderstorm, the jeweled radiance of a butterfly wing, the roar of an ocean wave crashing on the rocks, and the glorious majesty of a brilliant sunset, all display characteristics of the One who created them. It is my hope and prayer that my photos and art work of the wonders of God’s creation will stir you to worship the Creator as you observe His creation, and to desire to know Him in a deeper way.


As a further expression of His heart, a minimum of 10% of sales proceeds are given to help those who are in need.