Consider the Lilies

Looking for a healthy way to deal with the stress of today's world?

Spending time in a natural setting is one of the best stress-reducers.


But it's not always easy to find time, or a safe, quiet place to retreat...

I'm Karen S. Bulbuk
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For many years I've been capturing the beauty and wonders of God's Creation through photos, videos and artwork. Scroll down for ways you can experience the beauty and benefits of nature without even leaving your home.

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Create a personal sanctuary by hanging a beautiful nature photo or work of art on your wall...

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"Karen’s film is a personal journey through the seasons...with beautiful photography, capturing the unique character of a river and its surroundings, bringing the outside in."

"'Conversations with God' is anointed. It prods us to ponder God's Word and beauty and to interact with Him."

My story...
My creative journey has taken many twists and turns over the years. I am so grateful I grew up in a time when it was safe for me to spend countless hours by myself as a child, exploring nature in the woods and rural wilderness areas of Massachusetts. I delighted in the amazing flowers, animals and other natural features I encountered. Awestruck by the beauty, design and intricate details of God's creation, I wanted to share my discoveries with everyone.

Since I loved to draw, it was natural that I first shared my "finds" through detailed drawings and paintings. Then, as a teenager I received an automatic camera and excitedly took a closeup shot of a beautiful flower. Unaware the camera wouldn't focus at that range, I was profoundly disappointed when the processed print featured a big, blurry pink blob! Thus began my quest to learn how to create quality close-up photographs. Hindered by lack of funds, my progress was slow, and photography took a back seat for many years.

I began college as an art major, but disillusioned by the philosophy of art at that time I switched majors. For several years after graduating, I served with Youth With a Mission (YWAM), a short-term missions organization. There I trained and worked as a graphic designer, then administrated the first YWAM School of Illustration in Hawaii. In 1989 I left YWAM to further my training at Art Center College of Design in Southern California as an illustration major.


Everything changed when I purchased my first digital camera in 2003. By 2004, I began selling photo greeting cards and prints locally. Over the next ten years, my husband John & I served as part-time missionaries to Romania. During that time, we traveled through several countries in Eastern Europe and across the U.S. multiple times, then moved into my childhood home to care for my aging parents for their last years. Throughout that busy season, photography was my artistic medium of choice as my camera became my constant companion, helping me capture the natural beauty in all the places we lived and traveled.

In addition to art & photography, music has always played a role in my creative journey. My parents were both classically trained vocalists, so I grew up surrounded by music. During my school years I took piano, flute and voice lessons as well as band and chorus classes. After taking music theory in college I figured out how to play the guitar. Later, I participated on worship teams in various venues. Recently I started experimenting & learning to play software instruments on the iPad. I've enjoyed "jam sessions" with myself, recording and playing different instruments on multiple tracks. Combining photography and music, I created a short film called "Seasons", containing still & video nature images, with original background music and some personal devotional meditations. Click below for more information.

Eventually, due to John’s health issues, travel became difficult, so we settled in Michigan to be near his loving, supportive family. Although I continue to do photography, I sensed it was time for me to return to drawing and painting again during this season. However, as John’s primary caregiver, finding time for artistic endeavors can be challenging.

Therefore, I am currently creating digital drawings and paintings using an iPad and Apple Pencil. It requires no set-up, no cleanup, and it’s portable, so I can take advantage of bits of time whenever & wherever the opportunity arises. Rather than manipulating photos, I use more traditional drawing and painting methods, but use the Apple Pencil to employ software tools instead of physical pencils or brushes. I am excited with the results of this new venture so far, and am looking forward to creating more works of art!


What camera equipment do you use?
I have used several cameras since I started with an Olympus Camedia point & shoot digital camera. My current camera is a Canon 80D and I have a Tamron 16-300 mm lens, a Tamron 70-200 f2.8 lens, and a Canon 55-250 lens. Although a good camera and lens helps, the most important element in getting good shots is the photographer! Also, a good sturdy tripod with a fluid ball head is a great advantage for taking photos/videos of birds and other wildlife.

What is digital drawing or painting?
Digital drawings or paintings are works of art created using software on some type of digital device such as a computer, phone or tablet instead of on physical paper or canvas. They can then be printed as fine art prints on paper. They may be created either completely digitally, or can include photos in methods such as drawing on, adding special effects and/or backgrounds to photos, or manipulating photos in software programs to make them look like drawings or paintings.

How do YOU create digital drawings and paintings?
Since I really enjoy the process of drawing and painting as well as the final result, I create my digital art work in a traditional way, using an Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro to replicate pencil lines or brushstrokes, creating a very similar look to works created on physical paper.

What software do you use for digital drawings and paintings?
I already had a subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud Software Suite due to my photography and graphic design work, so I currently use Adobe Fresco, which is part of the CC Suite. I am considering also trying out Procreate, which is another popular software drawing program.

Do you do commissions?
I have done quite a few people portrait commissions and some pet portraits. If you are interested in commissioning a portrait or another type of artwork or photography, please click below to contact me so we can set up a time to discuss what you desire.