Seasons Video Info

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"Seasons" is a short film combining a wide variety of nature photos, and videos, soothing natural sounds and original background music, with brief meditations comparing nature's seasons to the seasons of life.

The DVD is wonderful . . . Mike and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And we kept asking ourselves; 'Why isn't Karen contributing to National Geographic?!' You have such a talent.

Winter Sunrise  IMGdng

Not just a fly-over view,
Seasons features close-ups easily missed by a casual observer.

Details were captured during many hours spent in the field.

We looked at your lovely DVD... Ahhh!
God is glorified through the stunning photography of His creation.

Watch it while exercising
and you will reap the additional stress-reducing benefits of physical activity at the same time!

Less than 18 minutes long,
Seasons is short enough to watch on your lunch break...

but long enough to transport you to a refreshing interlude from your stress-filled environment.

Absolutely refreshing and soothing for the soul.